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Using uvision and MCB900
« on: May 15, 2003, 10:14:13 am »
Hi there, I am starting to use the MCB900 together with the uvision software and flashmagic as well. I am having a problem loading or making the example program "Hello" to work. I have done all the steps as described in the manuals. I have gotten to the point where it compiles fine, but I do not see any ouput on the serial window. My chip is labeled "ISP K1.0" so I am using the software that came on the disk only.
I do not know if I am setting the jumpers on the board ok, or do I need to use FlashMagic at this point? I have no idea. The way I have set up the jumpers is like this: Run: ON (jumper is on it), Reset: ON (jumper is on it), and PROG: OFF (jumper is off it). is this right?
I do not know if this is the right procedure...first time user.
I press the debugger button, but all I get is a erroneous message saying
"Evaluation Version Running in EVAL MODE (4K)
...Could you help me?

Andy Ayre

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Re: Using uvision and MCB900
« Reply #1 on: May 19, 2003, 08:27:52 am »
You can either run Flash Magic from uVision2 or you can run it seperately. Either way, you must make sure your project generates a Hex file.

You need to change the jumpers between two different settings. One to execute code you have programmed into the board and one to program the board. You must reset (or remove/reapply power) each time after changing the jumpers to ensure the device is using the new setting. The settings are:

Execute:  Run = on, Reset = off, Prog = off

Program: Run = off, Reset = off, Prog = on

(see Flash Magic application note 3, section 3.4 - which you can download from the Flash Magic web page)

So the steps are:

1. Build project
2. Set jumpers to "program" setting
3. Remove and reapply power to the board
4. Use Flash Magic or Flash Magic from uVision2 to program the hex file
5. Set jumpers to "execute" setting
6. Remove and reapply power to the board. Your code should now execute.

The 4k message I believe always appears as a reminder. Keil will be able to give you more information regarding that and whether it should be appearing every time or not.

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