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Started by Vimal Amin, April 29, 2004, 12:25:32 AM

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Vimal Amin

I installed FlashMagic successfully. When I click on desktop shortcut, Two windows pop up one after other.
1.  " 10093 : successful WSAStartup not yet performed" OK. On pressing OK second window propups.
2. "Access violation at address 00437965 in module FlashMagic.exe Read of address 01A310BC." KO. On clicking OK, same Window popups again indefinatly. I have to stop from Task manager.

Operating system is Win98.

Same setup is running on other 3 PCs.

Andy Ayre

You are the second person to report this problem now, both using Win98. I've just uploaded version 1.95 - please tell me if that solves the problem. If not please contact me using the Email address in my signature.

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I had this problem as well and just found a fix. Here is a link to the message board where I found the fix:

And here is the text:
This could be a Winsock catalog error

I have traced several of these problems to improperly configured winsock
LSPs.  Run "winmsd" and go to Components/Network/Protocol.  Look at the
names in the list, anything with "MSAFD" in it or the "RSVP xxx Service
Provider" should be fine.  Anything else is suspect, and uninstalling the
owning program might help.

If that fails or your provider list is empty, you may need to rebuild the
catalog from scratch.  The following instructions will rebuild your catalog
for TCP/IP.  If you are using any other transports (If you don't know, then
you probably aren't) then you will have to reinstall them as well.

1. Backup and delete the following registry keys


2.  Reboot

3.  Go to the network connections folder, right click the icon for your
network connection, and select properties.

4.  Click install, choose "protocol", and click "add..."

5.  Click "Have Disk...", enter "\windows\inf", click OK

6.  Select "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), click OK

7.  When the process in complete, reboot


Ken Wickes [MSFT]
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