89V51RD2 Programming questions

Started by gmisslin, January 28, 2005, 02:27:09 AM

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Here is my status:

Flashmagic works ok with 89V51RD2 but sometimes, is not able to enter in ISP. I have understood that this issue a little problem that it will be difficult to get rid of.
I have been able to enter in ISP mode using the U char entered during the few hundreds of miliseconds after RESET.

Here are my questions :

1) How to recover from SoftIce mode without parallel pgm. On the Philips datasheet, SoftIce mode is not explained. Then, just to see what it was, I tried it using the example of the datasheet : :00000002FE. Perfect, but now, it seems that the micro is lost for me, impossible to get the ISP again, probably cleared by this mistake. My BP-1148 (BP microsystems) is not able (as usual) to program 89v51rd2 (when it will be able, Philips will set the micro as obsolete, as usual...).
So, can you tell if it is possible to get again the ISP mode easily?

2) ISP Command :xxxxxx0Bcc to reset and reboot the device on user code
The device is not resetting despite the fact that the command has been correctly accepted by the ISP. A hardware reset is still needed to reboot on user code. The reset pin of my device is pulled down at a low state with a strong pulldown, must I leave this pin a higher impedance to enable the internal reset to operate? Or do I have missed something?

thanks a lot for your help,

Gilles from Strasbourg - France




Hardik Sanghavi

I m doin a project using Philips 89V51RD2 wherein I m supposed to input some values thru a port. I m compiling my code in SDCC.
I m finding a lot of problems as it is not takin in values at the port.
Plz tell me the command i should use so that it takes in values?

Thank you for ur help

Andy Ayre

This discussion forum is for ISP related questions. For general programming questions you might get a better response in the forum at 8052.com.

Before you post there, strip your program down to the smallest size where the problem appears. Simplify it as much as possible, then post with your code and a description of everything you have tested and observed about the problem. If you do this then you should get some answers.

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