Problem programming LPC932 with FlashMagic

Started by Yngwie, September 15, 2003, 12:31:51 AM

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As we do for .hex in FLASH, how can i upload a .hex file directly in EEPROM?


Andy Ayre

The LPC932 does not support ISP access to the EEPROM. I can think of two solutions, and I'm sure there are more:

1. Write a small program that copies data from Flash to EEPROM. You can then download and execute this before downloading and executing your application code.

2. Write an EEPROM loader that accepts data from the UART (sent using a terminal program) and programs the EEPROM.

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hello Yngwie,

a smarter way:
if you have free program space (and if you can afford few msec delay on every boot!) then you can implement like:

keep data you want in eprom, as ap a part program code. on every boot call a routine. that  checks first 1-2 bytes of eeprom for existance of data (or generate checksum & verify, abetter approach).

if data not there in eeprom, continue execute copying from prog-memory to EEPROM, and then jump to your application program.

if data is there in eeprom, then jump to your application program.

hitesh mahant