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Feature Requests / Re: ISP software in linux
« on: May 04, 2006, 11:03:37 pm »
I've spent almost two weeks in writing a console program in linux using C language. It can successfully program Hex file to P89C51RA2 after the chip is reset, and it also can read information out.

But my project requires me to send a command through UART to make 51 firmware jump to 0xFC00(location  of the boot loader), so I can update firmware even when the firmware is running. But I failed, the firmware can successfully jump to ISP boot loader, and I can read information out using my own program, but my program failed to program HEX file into 51 chip, because the BLOCK_ERASE command always failed to get a handshake of '.'.

So I go back to win2000, the flashmagic can still correctly program 51 chip after the running firmware jump to ISP boot loader. So my firmware part is proved OK.

Then I turn to HyperTerminal to do some test. when chip enter ISP mode after reset. the BLOCK_ERASE command get the '.' very quickly(3 seconds).
but when jump to ISP boot loader, only echo the BLOCK_ERASE command and miss the '.' response.

Can someone help me ?Thanks

Feature Requests / ISP software in linux
« on: April 20, 2006, 01:08:12 am »
    I'm trying to ISP p89c51rd2 in linux enviroment.
   Is there already such a software for reference?
   (I just can't find it)So I am trying to write a simple ISP program on my own in linux, but the ISP protocol part of P89C51RD2 datasheet is so obscure.
   I think the Atmel counterpart's document is much better, but I don't know whether both protocol are fully compatible though they look alike.

Could anyone give me some hints?

Thanks in advance!

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