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I program some P89V664 soldered on the electronic board, I use a Future Design USB-ICP programmer, but it don't seems to be a good quality programmer...So I'm looking for a programmer for the P89V664 compatible with Flash Magic and ISP programmation. Do anybody use an other programmer?


Thanks, I looked at the signals on the ISP pins and the signals are good, the problem is the "U" that is not echoed...I've been told that the programmation with ISP on P89V66x make lost the reset vector, that may explain why I can't read the device anymore, the solution seems to be a parallel programmer, but it wasn't the solution I expected since my mcu is a TQFP...I will receive some PLCC to try the other method. I saw a note that is "no touch" whitch turn the device in ISP mode directly, perhaps it could work...

I have no answer from Future Designs today, so I'll post the solution (if I found one) as soon as possible...

Ok, I use a team fdi dongle as I noticed it in my first message, and my problem was the first pin of the dongle, in the teamfdi documentation, I understoud that the dongle was auto-powered and that the Vcc pin brought the Vcc to the circuit for the ISP, but the first pin of the dongle is an entry and need to be connected to the power supply directly...It was the first time I use this dongle for ISP and perhaps my mistake could help some others...

Now I got an other problem, that is the programmation of the device for a second time, when I try to reprogram the P89V664, it looks like the bootloader don't start, my device got a V4 bootloader, but after one programmation, if I try to reprogramm the device, I found no echo on Tx pin, I try to read the device again but no echo too...

I attached a debug file of a programmed device which I try to read the device signature...



I've a P89V664 on a board and I use an USB-ICP-8051-ISP to programm the microcontroller, I saw all the post and I alway's got the message "Unable to connect at the specified baud rate...." I've tried to reduce it but it has no effect, I send a "U" by the terminal and I got the echo on the oscilloscope. If someone has a tips, perhaps there is a pin to connect that I missed, if sommeone have a pict of his ISP schematic...

Thank you!