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Yeah ok, but where's a link to the right one?

Just a link to the "isp" programmer for Flash would be good, preferably Canadian. The isp cable I got now is not the same protocol it seems. Or is there some schematics?  thx
Hi Andy,

Just trying to get off the ground. I also have a Rs232 usb adapter with drivers that Flash doesn't have listed in the drop down. Makefile id is avr109, sorry don't know the make off hand. And I've spent alot of time trying to find software for a parallel from the same site.

Would you know what I'd have to do to get any kind of connect to my board. I also have a isp programmer but not sure about that yet either. Suppose I can hook that via the break out pins.

thx Grant

I just got this board and programmer and with the drivers installed Windows thinks it's a USB device with no drivers. Would you know what gives, my guess is that my interface is useless. Board
And the arm-jtag

thx Grant