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Feature Requests / COM Ports list
October 27, 2010, 06:50:29 PM
COM Port drop down list currently lists COM1-COM32 unconditionally. This is a bit clunky, inconvenient and in modern versions of Windows, insufficient. Port numbers can go to 255.

I'd suggest that the list of active COM ports is refreshed on every DropDown event, and refreshed from HKLM\Hardware\DeviceMap\SerialComm key in Windows registry. This key lists all currently active COM ports; it is dynamically refreshed and hence very helpful with hot-pluggable USB-to-COM devices.
ARM Cortex / LPC1768 from command line
October 25, 2010, 10:42:51 PM
Hi there,

I'm trying to program a LPC1768 device using FlashMagic (build 5.70.2079) from the command line (fm.exe @cmdfile.fms). Cmdfile.fms contains the following:

com   (4, 57600)
device(lpc1768, 12.000000)
hardware (bootexec, 300, 300)
hexfile  (Z:\RedWall\Code\project\App\RedBack_Debug_v1.xx.hex, nochecksums, nofill, protectisp)

More often than not, this fails with 'Hex file programming failed: invalid command (Z:\...\RedBack_Debug_v1.xx.hex)'. I stress that it also succeeds from time to time. This same hex file can be programmed using FlashMagic's GUI every time. I have tried short file names, short paths, longer timeouts,... I have exhausted my pool of things to try. Attached is a debug dump. I hope you guys can shed some light onto the problem. I can also confirm that the device is blank prior to running FM.

I used an almost identical system to program LPC2368 (admittedly with an earlier version of FM) without any problems.