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ARM Cortex / LPC1768H and FlashMagic
May 17, 2011, 07:49:52 AM

I have a LPC1768H (blueboard), it has a usb port and a JTAG port. Currently I flash through JTAG and a openOCD usb dongle. With a sec bootloader, the LPC1768H could be seen as an external storage device, without it, the PC does not detect any device.
My OpenOCD dongle allows me to communicate my PC to the UART0 in the blueboard, so I have used UART (through TeraTerm) in code that uses the UART0.

My questions are:

- With FlashMagic, do I still need my OpenOCD-usb dongle?
- Should my LPC1768H appear as a new device with its own COM port?
- Do I need a USB_to_RS232 cable (my current dongle does it)?
- Is there any more detailed guide than the FlashMagic users guide?