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I'm having a board with 20 LPC925 devices, each LPC925 connected through a MCP2200 (USB to rs232 converter).

I'm having problem to connect to any device (with Flash Magic or my program). The answers i keep getting is: "Unable to communicate. (configuration)".

I removed all the LPC devices and communicate with only one - and it is working.

Is there any limit using multiple devices with Flash Magic or FM_functions? (fm_connect, erase, and program) or do i need to use another function?

Also, I have noticed that in device manager i see all my COMs starting with "COM56" .. to "COM76", but in the Flash Magic the COMs starting with "COM1" to "COM32".

I'm using win XP, and Flash Magic 6.50.2644.

Thanks in advance,


I'm using the flash magic dll functions, LPC925 device, and need to reset the device after programming.

Can anyone help me with the fm_reset function arguments? (didn't find any documetation..)

Thanks in advance,