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LPC2xxx / Shared Serial Port
November 02, 2007, 11:58:45 AM
Hi (Andy?).

My target device uses a LPC2378.  The serial port on the device is always connected to the PC and communicating data between the micro and our own software app.  In our micro app there is a command that the PC an send that will put the 2378 into the boot block. 

With an unprogrammed device, it will startup in the boot block.  Our PC app can not detect that the unit is in the boot block so it sends the command to put the unit into the boot block.

My questions are:

If data is sent to the 2378 before the "?" character for autobaud, what happens?  Does the bootblock go off in the weeds never to return?

If the unit is already in the bootblock, is there a way we can detect that?  Can we interact with the bootblock at all?