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Feature Requests / Command line progress
April 28, 2015, 04:22:53 AM

I am using command line interface of FM for my project to automatically update my device. It would be nice to have a command to turn on an optional verbose mode with progression information. Something like showing every x% of the current operation

Thanks in advance
ARM Cortex / Auto baud issue with LPC1788
March 12, 2015, 08:38:49 AM
Dear all,

I am using FlashMagic to flash an LPC1788 on a custom board.
I have already been able to correctly flash some LPC1763 using same USB to serial cable and same configuration.
I am using FlashMagic 8.96.3850

With the LPC1788 I almost always get the auto baud error. I have checked any point in autobaud issue page and everything seems ok.
I have checked signals with a scope and that seems ok. I have connected my logic analyser on both RX and TX and found everything correct, the LPC1788 answer with the "Synchronized\r\n" command. I have tried to send from the FashMagic terminal the sync character '?' and get the following answer: ""ùîãèòïîéúåä" instead of the expected "Synchronized\r\n".

Accordingly to my logic analyser the bit rate of the answer is 108108 bits/s instead of the expected 115200.
I have tried to reduce speed to 38400 and the LPC1788 answer at 37735. For 19200 the LPC1788 answer at 19323.

Does anybody have any idea why my LPC1788 answer using the wrong speed ? I have no external quartz and use the internal RC oscillator.

Thanks in advance