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ARM Cortex / execusion failure on LPC1857
« on: April 08, 2015, 07:23:55 PM »
 I wrote-down a self-built program to a MCB1800 evaluation board via Flashmagic. Although the download apparently completed successfully, the program hanged up after some of the initialization codes were executed. (While a startup sign was shown as programed on the LCD display, the continuous blink of LED never began.)
 The software should be correct, since it works properly when downloaded via a rented ULINK2. Does someone have an idea about what I should do to download it via Flashmagic?

The following is the condition of my trial.
 === Hardware ===
- Keil MCB1800 eval board ( CPU: LPC1857 )

=== System setting and download procedure of Flashmagic===
Version : 8.97.3865
Step1. Communications:
- Select : LPC1857
- Flash Bank : Bank A 0x1A000000
- COM Port : COM1
- Baud Rate : 115200
- Interface : None ( ISP)
- Oscillator (MHz) : 12
Step2. Erase:
- [checked] Erase all Flash
Step3. Hex File
- C:\...\myprogram.hex
Step4. Options
- [checked] Verify after programming
- [checked] Activate Flash Bank

===Jumper configuration on MCB1800 ===
- J4A-D : Low
- J13,J16 : UART0 (on download) to UART3 (on execution)
 *Following the advice in “Topic: MCB1800 Board Hints”

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