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 OK,if I  set  security bit1 or set security bit2 or set security bit3(May be set all three security bit )when download my code to P89C662HBA,Does it will cause I can't  Handshake to MCU successuflly next time?Who can help me?
Is there anyone who has used P89C662HBA?Please teld me your way of programming code by serial port or parallel tool.Thank very much.
I need help about NXP MCU,P89C662HBA,which can start user's code but can't start ISP masked-ROM boot loader code.But why?even though I push PSEN pin to GND. when I want to down load my code,I have to push PSEN pin to GND in order to start ISP masked-ROM boot loader code,after a few sucess times,Now,fail to start boot loader code ,so I can't down load my code using this way. what's wrong my Behavior? I need Help.

I Push EA to VCC and PSEN to GND directly,Push ALE,P2.6,P2.7 to VCC through pull-up resistor,But I still can't down load my code