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LPC2xxx / LPC2378 programs only once
« on: February 14, 2008, 08:56:33 am »

I use FlashMagic 4.17.273; Target: LPC2378 chip; OSC = 12MHz;

When the Flash is cleared (done with the ULINK debugger) then it's no problem to enter ISP mode with Flashmagic to program the LPC2378.
But once programmed it's not possible to enter ISP mode again.
For example: to read the device ID FlashMagic says "operation failed to autobaud, step1". Osc shows that the chip isn't responding any more.

The code read protection location at 1FC is disabled (set to FFFFFFFF) in the programmed application.

I tryed to set OSC to 14.748 or 12Mhz, lowered the baudrate, increased the times T1 and T2 but no result until now. If someone knows what I'm doing wrong it would be great to know.

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