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Topics - A. Ash

Hi, newly registered here.

I am trying to program a P89LPC924 using ISP mode with FM 4.17.
I can get the device into ISP mode and communicating through the Flash Magic terminal, but it will not program through the graphic interface.

The top of the Flash Magic window says 'USING 7200 BAUD', but a window pops up saying
'Failed to read the device signature(Unable to communicate(transmit/receive)) Accessing a device using the wrong protocol could render the device unusable. Do you want to continue yes/no',
yet I can go immediately back to the FM terminal and read from the device with ISP commands.

One odd thing I did notice is the address for the BOOTVECTOR when read from the device is 0Fh, but in the startup file it is 1Eh.

I even just compiled the startup900.a51 to see if I was influencing anything with my code and no change.
I sure there us something simple I am still missing. Please help?