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ARM Cortex / lpc11xc14 can bootloader at higher baudrate
« on: April 19, 2018, 11:43:50 pm »

we need to run the internal can bootloader of a lpc11c24 at 500kbaud. so we wrote a bootloader which behaves the same way as the internal bootloader except running with 500kbaud instead of the default 100kbaud.

is it possible to set the can baudrate to 500kbaud in flash magic gui? i don't find a way, so i tried to do it with fm.exe but this works only until 250kbaud. trying 500 kbaud displays the following error message:

"Connection failed: comms error (baudrate not supported)"

but the peak pcan pci card supports this baudrate.

i used following directives:

CAN(PEAK PCAN PCI, 500, 0x7D, 1000)
DEVICE(LPC11C14/301CAN, 12.000000, 0)

thanks in advance.

kind regards

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