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ARM Cortex / About using the MCU-LINK SWD interface
January 30, 2023, 12:49:17 AM
Hi All,

I want to write to LPC802M001JDH20 using the MCU-LINK SWD interface.
When I type the following command line from the Windows command prompt, I get the response "ERROR: Unable to communicate. No serial number for interface".
What is wrong with my command line?
Can someone please tell me what is wrong with my command line?
By the way, I can write from the GUI.

Command Line:
C:\>C:\FlashMagic\fm.exe --device LPC802M001JDH20 --mculink --erasedevice --program="C:\FlashMagic\ZZ_MyTest.hex" --verify="C:\FlashMagic\ZZ_MyTest.hex"

13.50 build 6367
(c) Embedded Systems Academy, Inc. 2001-2022, All Rights Reserved
ARM7 UART Driver 5.06.6367
Cortex UART Driver 8.71.6367
Cortex Packet UART Driver 2.35.6367
External Memory Driver 2.20.6367
CAN Driver 3.36.6367
ARM7 Ethernet Driver 2.25.6367
Cortex Ethernet Driver 3.05.6367
USB Driver 3.02

Use -h to get some help

STATUS: Connecting to #Ygc (first found)...
ERROR: Unable to communicate. No serial number for interface