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P89V51Rx2/P89LV51Rx2 / Unable to connect P89V51RD2 through ISP
« on: November 27, 2007, 07:46:40 pm »
When first time I programmed the p89v51RD2 i had chcked the security bit.
Now to again program this chip i need a parallel programmer.
so i used the parallel programmer and the program the chip and this time i had not check the security bit.

But once i programmed through a parallel programmer i am not able to connect the chip through ISP. I always need a Parallel programmer.

So now how I can connect through ISP??

P89V51Rx2/P89LV51Rx2 / IN 89V51RD2 can we reprogramm 12LCK through IAP
« on: October 11, 2007, 01:18:08 am »
In 89V51RD2 after programming double ClK through IAP can we again come back to 12 CLK?????

P89V51Rx2/P89LV51Rx2 / Re: Checksum calculation
« on: September 19, 2007, 02:04:43 am »
I am not able to understand u, can you be more specific

I Have used the IAP functions given in the datasheet. but I have used it to program 2 or 3 bytes.

But as you have suggested I will check it out how can I convert it in to bootloader.

thank you

Thank you,
Mr. jan I will check it out

And Mr. Erik, its not like sombody is going to steal my code. but I dont want unauthorized person to access my unit without my permission, because on the feild what is going on we may be not aware of that and we come to know only when problems occur. so By every mean I am trying to protetc my unit from unauthorized person access.


1) Where can I get information about bootloader. i.e. How to write my own bootloader and how to program it etc......
2) How can I write my own IAP.
3) what does mean encryption of the Hex file..

Where can I have information about all this data..
Now I am very Excited to know all this thing....

See once i have programmed the IC I have send it to the filed...

So Now I want that unautorized person should not have access to perform ISP....
but if there is a bug and once i have corrected it then my authorized person have access to perform the ISP..

For Ex. Suupose I program a serial number then.....
My autorized person can perfrom the ISP by knowing the serial Number..
But unautorized can't perform the ISP unless resetting the serial number. but once it will be reset unautorized can perform ISP...
So I think this would be not the perfact solution....

So other can be  I have to control x/Tx lines ....etc..

Like that Is there any solution like unautorized person can't perfor the ISP....

P89V51Rx2/P89LV51Rx2 / Re: about the IAP function
« on: September 17, 2007, 05:29:22 am »
Sorry Brother I understand it wrongly.....

P89V51Rx2/P89LV51Rx2 / Re: about the IAP function
« on: September 17, 2007, 12:06:29 am »
If I am not wrong Mr. jan then does it mean that the code in Block0 and when Try to perfor the IAP at that time it is overlayed by the IAP rotuines...

so rather performing parallel proag.. can we load the code directly from address 2000H in the flash???

Ya you are some what right..

I dont want that unauthorized person can not perform ISP.. but my other requirement is that autorized person can peform the ISP. if i got properly then if i use the nwe bootloader then even autorize person can not perform the ISP...

So wht can be the solution.

I have just read the serial number option..
Does it mean that once I will program the serila number nobody other than who knows the serial numerbcant peroform the ISP and if security bit is programmed then even parallel programming.

Only one can do is Erase the entire chip.

but when I write a serial number still can I perfor the IAP and what prcaution should I take when programming serial number....

Or is there any other method...

Hello friends...

I am searching the solution for, How can I prevent unauthorized person from dowloding software in my chip...
I am using 89V51RD2BN.. so when I will reset he chip chip always wait for U responce and then go for User code..

so how can  prevent unautorized person??????

P89V51Rx2/P89LV51Rx2 / Re: How to erase sector throgh IAP
« on: August 13, 2007, 01:26:02 am »
thank you..
 i have load DPTR with 0xd000. and it works fine...

P89V51Rx2/P89LV51Rx2 / Re: How to erase sector throgh IAP
« on: August 12, 2007, 01:09:01 am »

I have written just assembly code actully i am calling this function from  main code and before calling this I write '0' in FCF register and after comming out from it write '1' in FCF register i.e.


and i download my code form address 2000H in the falsh..
so is it the corretc procedure if yes then why it is not erasing the sector and as i mentioned earlier my IAP_program_byte function works properly but erase setor dosent work....

please let me know where im wrong.....

P89V51Rx2/P89LV51Rx2 / How to erase sector throgh IAP
« on: August 10, 2007, 05:54:25 am »
Hello friends.

I have to erase a perticular sector thorugh IAP.. I am downloading my code frm 0x2000 address. now the problwm i am facing is that when i am erasing a particular sector at that time ACC gives me 00 i.e. PASS. but when reading the memory at that time that sector was not erased. for that in thought that may be sector number is wrong so i fill up all the memory and then try to erase the sector but none of the sector was erase. I am calculatin the sector like. if i have to erae the sector strating from 0xd000. then decimal of 0xd000 is 53248 and divide by 128 means 416 so sector no. is 417 and whose hex is 0x1A1. but i cdnt..
so i am just pasting that code here and i am using keil compiler for that..

Its very urgent...........

same way i have writtebn the Iap program byte and its running properly..

        RSEG  ?PR?iap_erase_sector?RX3IAPLIB
        PUSH    IE                       ; disable interrupts
        CLR     EA
        MOV     A,CMOD 
        MOV     R2,A                     ; store copy of CMOD
        JNB     ACC.6,?IAPTAG41           ; if watchdog enabled then disable
        ANL     CMOD,#0BFH
   MOV     R1,#08H
        MOV     DPH,#00H                  ;Address staring from address 0xd000
        MOV     DPL,#0A1H
        CALL    1FF0H                   ; call iap routine
   MOV     R7,A                     ; pass or fail decesion
        MOV     CMOD,R2                  ; restore CMOD (restore watchdog state)
        POP     IE                       ; restore interrupts to initial state

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