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LPC9xx/LPC9xxx / Re: ICP problem LPC922 and MCB900
« on: April 12, 2008, 02:44:45 am »

great article, I did use that information...
The weird thing is that the P2.3 line does not switch at all....
When I switch on the MCB900, the P2.3 line becomes 3V3 and stays 3V3....
How should the signal look like? Sometimes when I switch on the MCB900 I see that P2.3 becomes 3V3, drops for a few uSec, and then stays 3V3.......It drops just once...

The reason I use a MCB900 is that I use it for more things... ISP for example.

LPC9xx/LPC9xxx / ICP problem LPC922 and MCB900
« on: April 10, 2008, 02:54:17 pm »

I'm having problems re-programming a P89LPC922. By accident I programmed the LPC922 with the wrong hex-file and erased it...

First I tried to program it by using the ISP method.I connected it by Vdd,Vss,Txd,Rxd,RST
I'm using a new MCB900 board. I was able to program a P89LPC935 in the on board chip socket using the newest Flash Magic.
When I try to read the signature I get a message that I should try to reduce the baudrate settings. That doesn't help...
I measured signals, reset pulses three times, the power is 3,3V, and TX and RX show data. I guess ISP won't work because the LPC it completely erased? So no ISP protocol anymore....?

Then I tried to reconfige my MCB900 into a ICP-ISP Bridge programmer. I used the form this site to program the LPC932 on the MCB900. When I switch the MCB900 to the run-mode, the LED goes on, like it should...

When I try to connect to my board, I get a manufactor ID and device ID of 00 ... It should be 15h or something like that...
What am I doing wrong? I'm having this problem with all my boards.

The MCB is connected to m board using P0.4, P0.5, P1.5 VSS and P2.3 for VDD

When I measure with a scope on P2.3, nothing happens.... When I switch on the MCB900, I see that P2.3 becomes 3V3, and stays there...To enter ICP it should switch the power on and off? I'm using a FET to switch VDD on my board, that should not be the problem.
The output on P2.3 doesn't work...

My questions:

- the documentation on the site uses a LPC932 for the ISP-ICP bridge. I used a LPC935 instead. Can that be a problem? The pinouts are the same...
- What else can go wrong? Does anybody have some advice?



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