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Thank you for your answers.

Is it possible to export the command line directive from GUI V12?
This is the entire command line directive:
COM(6, 115200)
DEVICE(LPC2368, 4.000000, 0)
HEXFILE(C:\Program Files (x86)\My Company\My Software\myfile.hex, NOCHECKSUMS, NOFILL, PROTECTISP)

Just to clarify: this is the exact same string I get if I export Command Line Directive from the Flash Magic GUI software.
Just to clarify more: if I use any other path without parentheses (even with spaces, but no parentheses), the command executes fine.
Oh, the irony.
I setup via GUI my desired function and it works fine.
But if I export the command line directives, I see that the string is exactly the same  as the one that gives me the error.
I already tried with

  • Double slashes
  • Quotes around the path
  • Double quotes around the path
  • Replacing spaces with slashes (i.e.: "C:\Program\Files\(x86)\...")
And I always get the same error.

I also just noticed that I get the error:
ERROR: Invalid parameters for HEXFILE directive: HEXFILE(C:\Program

But the exit code is 0

It would be great if we could at least catch the error via exit code.
Referring to this post:

I am using command-line v11.00 but with a path containing "C:\Program Files (x86)\..." I still cannot make the command work.

Is there any way to run this command? Has something been done to improve that?