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General Discussion / Re: Stall + Not authorized
April 16, 2018, 04:39:07 AM
Hi, will try doing it from my desktop at work. Currently my laptop with 10.9 programs and works correctly and I do not want to mess it up.
In any case, all 3 computers have always (independently from FM version) done the sound of USB connected device and all of them at 1st connection after installing/re-installing the driver have detected the "new device" and have installed the software. I even tried to connect the device before starting FM and vice-versa few times I also tried to reboot the computer after the first connection... until now... no joy

About the LED blinking on the device, it was always solid until I started the FM10.9 while the software was starting the LED started to blink and I thought it was a good sign. In fact, the elusive option to program the chip over the LPClink2 was there and allowed me to program the chip.

I tested one .hex from NXP works as detailed in the specs.
General Discussion / Re: Stall + Not authorized
April 16, 2018, 03:22:33 AM
Hi, thanks for prompt reply

yes 3 different PCs give me the "not authorized" error at start-up. One of them (the 1st I tried) also hides the message in the background and I could not see it/read it. It was appearing briefly on the foreground of the opened windows only when I was killing the main FM process from task manager.

Anyway I tried the "roll-back the date trick" does not work.

RE removing JP1
this was the first thing advised in many forums/tutorials for FM including on the NXP documentation I have tried: no joy... and anyway the device was always recognized in device manager at each test.

Last minute update:

Version 10.9 without changing any settings on the LPC-link2 worked... I just did this trial end error uninstalling and re-installing driver+FM for all the versions I could download. the oldest and my last chance just did it... all the others give me the "not authorized" message

Just now I have successfully erased the NHS3152 chip in the evaluation kit I recently purchased. Later will try to flash one of the other example .hex I know can be downloaded from the NXP page.
General Discussion / Re: Stall + Not authorized
April 16, 2018, 01:05:46 AM
Hello, I am new to flash magic but I worked with many processors before. I installed flash magic (latest downloaded a couple of days ago) and I have the same problem. However, even after I push OK when the message appears I have problems. It does not recognize the LPC-Link2 I have bought together with a NXP evaluation board.
I followed the instruction to install the driver, the LPC is correctly listed in the device manager but I cannot select "SWD over Link2" because it is simply not there... am I missing something? or has the "not authorized" error something to do with it?
I configured the switches as per NXP instructions... what can I attempt???
I tested 3 different PCs all run Win7 64 and they are all updated...