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Hi, there,

  Our requirement is to design a customized bootloader for external flash programming. We have tried the example code of Flash Magic\Bootloaders\External Memory\LPCxpresso18S37.
But, that does not work. Could you guide us on this requirement? Please see our below concerns.

1. do any flash magic versions have an example code for the LPC1833 external SPI Flash bootloader?

2. What are changes needed in Flash Magic\Bootloaders\External Memory\LPCxpresso18S37 that can help us?

3. We have changed the descriptor content in FlashPrg.c file as per the LPC1833 memory map, but that also does not work. We got the error as "Bootloader is not executing in RAM".

4. Please find the attachment and help us to provide some details about the requirement.