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Thanks for reporting this - we will look into it. Andy
Parentheses are not allowed inside path names. Page 57 of the manual lists what is allowed. The V12 command line is all-new and doesn't have this restriction.

Please post the entire HEXFILE directive you are using.

Export the command line directives from the GUI version (File menu). That will show you the valid syntax.

Try double backslashes, \\

ARM Cortex / Re: NHS3100 flashing- Failed to Autobaud
October 02, 2018, 01:25:18 AM
It's the same kind of thing. The LPC-Link2 asserts the NHS3100 reset pin, then deasserts it, then tries to communicate with it, which fails. I would double-check your cabling. It has to be very short if it isn't already. For example 10cm or less.
ARM Cortex / Re: NHS3100 flashing- Failed to Autobaud
September 21, 2018, 07:22:16 AM
Just to confirm, the procedure is:

1. Connect NHS3100 board to J7 on LPC-Link2
2. JP2 on, JP1 off
3. No battery inserted into NHS3100 board
4. Connect LPC-Link2 to your PC -> LED on LPC-Link2 on solid
5. Start Flash Magic -> LED on LPC-Link2 flashes
6. Choose SWD over Link2 in Flash Magic main window
7. ISP -> Read Signature

Your screenshot shows that Flash Magic has been able to communicate with the LPC-Link2.

Your debug file shows that the LPC-Link2 can't communicate with the NHS3100.

Could be due to the cable being too long, not properly seated at both ends. Do you have the battery in? If so remove it. Could be due to static damage. Could be due to configuring the part to disable SWD.

ARM Cortex / Re: NHS3100 flashing- Failed to Autobaud
September 20, 2018, 04:54:19 AM
What are your LPC-Link2 jumper settings?
Which connector are you using on the LPC-Link2 to connect to the target board?
What are you settings in Flash Magic?
What version of Flash Magic?

We can't help you unless you provide basic information.
LPC2xxx / Re: LPC2294 .NET Cant Connect
July 17, 2018, 06:18:00 AM
LPC2294 is an ARM7 not an ARM Cortex device. You are using the wrong .NET assembly.
ARM Cortex / Re: LPC 1549 - ISP options not working
July 17, 2018, 06:13:54 AM
If an item on the ISP menu is disabled then it isn't supported by the bootloader in the part.

The File -> Save As option supports more than 64kb. Note that for the LPC1549 the flash memory range is 0x00000000 -> 0x0003FFFF. The File -> Save As option only supports saving the contents of Flash memory.

When programming the external hex file did you first change the device to one from the "External Flash" category?
What do you mean it "gets disabled"? What version are you using? If it's not the latest version then make sure to update first.

Please post more details and screenshots of the problem.

The error message you are getting provide a URL where there are debugging steps. What have you tried and what were the results? We don't have your hardware so you are the only one who can debug what you have.
See my second post in this topic for the connection details. Please described in detail what you have done and what results you have received. We can't help if you don't provide information.
You need to read out the contents of flash to a hex file in Flash Magic, then program that hex file into the other device.

Note - you need to program into the same part number. Also if the device is locked then you won't be able to read the flash.