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Custom ISP problems
« on: July 28, 2004, 06:23:36 am »
Good morning,

 I'm working with the Philips P89LPC922 and I'm flashing the micro via ISP using FlashMagic.
 I have no problem but I want to make my own "flashmagic" to flash the micro.

 I've seen how does FM sends the information and I have some questions.
 I tried sending starting bytes (read security bytes, write status byte, clean sectors and pages),  the whole HEX file and the finishing bytes (read boot vector, ...) as FM do and the micro doesn't works.

 Comparing the hex file and the information flashed, I have noticed that sometimes FlashMagic "cuts" the information and sends it in 2 different lines.

For example:
 Code Line ->   :100036002A004672656375656E636961204F555483

 Sended info-> :0A0036002A004672656375656E636B.

There's a relationship whit this "cuts" and 64bytes sended but I don't know.

 Has somebody any idea about it???

 Thanks for all

Andy Ayre

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Re: Custom ISP problems
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You cannot program across page boundaries.

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