Author Topic: LPC922 is not working after programming with security bits using Flash Magic  (Read 3549 times)

Ashok Garg

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I am using self made Hardware (like MCB900) to Program LPC922 and working fine.
I have Programmed LPC922 without selecting security bits using Programming Board. And then put LPC922 in my working Board, it is working fine. But if it programmed with  all security bits, LPC922 did not work in my same working Board.
Kindly guide me to resolve the problem.
Also suggest the programmers with which those LPC922 can be programmed (Which are Programmed with all security bits and perhaps not be erased using Flash Magic)

Pratik Vyas

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Hello Ashok,

I need to program a LPC922 for a small project, could you please guide through building a inexpensive programmer.

Thank you,


Andy Ayre

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For ISP copy the Keil MCB900 circuit. For ICP copy the Keil MCB900 circuit, use an LPC935 programmed as the bridge and then connect the LPC935 to the LPC922. See the Philips application note on the Flash Magic web page regarding ICP.

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