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ISP to ICP bridge code

Started by Fausto Marzoli, November 04, 2004, 09:35:59 AM

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Fausto Marzoli

I'm using the C ISP to ICP bridge code version 1.3 from Bauke Siderius

which seems to be the source code for the Philips ISP to ICP bridge HEX file that you can find in the Esacademy website, and I've found that this code has some serious bugs (I wonder if anyone has ever tested it...).

I would like to know if there is a most recent code from Philips for ISP to ICP bridge for LPC900 family, because I've fixed some bugs but I can't find out a bug in the programming command (!).

Anyone knows?

Thank you,


Fausto Marzoli

You're right, it's version 1.2, and it has some bugs. I've fixed two bugs, but I think that there are more.

Do you know where I can get the 1.3 version source code, or another more recent (and less bugged)?

Thank you,



I don't know where is version 1.3 source file.
Andy say, version 1.3  source file is not opened.

I suggest that you can disassemble the version 1.3 hex file.
And, reference version 1.2 source file, reconstruct the version 1.3 source file.
It's a good idea.

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