USB -> COM port adapter

Started by Afshin, August 04, 2003, 06:17:24 PM

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I am using a belkin USB -> COM port adapter and it seems to work fine.  I am Running WinXP.  It seems like the Flash Magic software takes forever to function though.  It took over 5 minutes to load a 8K hex file into my 89C51RD2!  What could the problem be?  I am on a sony vaio with no COM ports...  :(


Andy Ayre

The problem is the shortsightedness of computer manufacturers in omitting COM ports. OK, so that doesn't really help. We are seeing an increasing number of comments like this and usually they are solved by increasing the timeouts used in Flash Magic, which is not something the user can currently do. However, this makes Flash Magic painfully slow for everyone else using real COM ports. Therefore we are looking into a possible solution to suit everyone.

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Dong-Liang Shiue

Hi, Afshin

I use  USB -> COM port adapter (Virtual COM) also.
But Flash Magic is very well in WinXP operating system.
My Virtual COM use FTDI's chip(FT232BM,
What's chip is in your USB -> COM.