Does FM really support LPC92*?

Started by shahlynn, June 28, 2004, 02:15:50 AM

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When I use FM to download code to LPC922 virgin chip,  nothing happened and no result display. Just a black face for FM.exe and "programming 0x24" in status bar of "Flash Magic" last half an hour and destroy my patience and confidence.

Actually, "Flash Magic" runs very slowly, it cost several minutes transferring from start button pushing to displaying "programming".

If I send 'U' to MCU through serial port directly, Echo reply comes over very quickly.

Does Flash Magic really support LPC92*?

Andy Ayre

Flash Magic should not be running that slowly. Are you erasing the device as well? Did you turn off the "protect ISP" option? That would cause a lot of problems.

If you didn't turn the protect ISP option off then try this:

Start Flash Magic
Press F1 to enter debug mode ([Debug] will appear at the top)
Choose Read Security Bits from the ISP menu
Close Flash Magic
Email me the generated file C:\flashmagic.fmd
Delete C:\flashmagic.fmd

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h m panchal

If anybody has information about the IC LPC921F. Kindly deliver any datasheet or related information as quickly as possible.

Thanking you.


Hello Shahlynn,

I also want to use LPC922.

Can you please tell me what programming hardware you are using?



Hello Andy,

He is right. With certain values of baud-rates, FM takes about a minute to respond, most of the time its an error condition.

If device gets connected, response is almost immediate.


Andy Ayre

The device cannot autobaud at all baud rates for a specific crystal frequency. If some work and some don't then you are most likely seeing the limits of the device's ability to autobaud.

In general when using the on-chip RC oscillator:

Use 9600 baud or less for LPC932
Use 7200 baud or less for LPC9xx

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