MCB900 doesn't start after program downloading

Started by Roman Diadioura, December 22, 2004, 12:39:51 AM

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Roman Diadioura

Hello from Russia!
I have bought MCB900 lately and started experimenting with it. As far as I understand there is no way to switch between user program and bootloader exept hardware reset.
I switched on 'Use DTR and RTS to enter ISP mode' FM feature, RESET jumper is ON, Run is OFF. FM connects and download user program (I used BLINKY example from Keil) successfully, but doesn't start executing it until I move jumper from RESET to RUN.
Is there is a way to download user program and start it without touching any jumper?


Andy Ayre

If you want to use the pulse entry method using DTR and RTS, which is the most reliable way to enter ISP mode (as it doesn't rely on any user code), then you need to keep changing the jumper.

If you want to use a software-based method such as break detect, Erik's notouch or something else, then you leave the jumper in the Run position all the time.

You could always modify the circuit to replace the jumper with a transistor and use a spare wire in the RS232 cable, bringing it out to a switch at the PC end, if you want a remote method of selecting the mode.

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