Cannot re-programe LPC932 using FM, how to solve?

Started by Steven, January 07, 2005, 12:43:23 AM

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  I need to programe firmware to LPC932 (ver. G) using ISP mode. but getting trouble with it:
   A sample "hello world.hex" is progarmmed on the LPC using Flash Magic. "Hello world" text can be displayed using Hyper-terminal as described in MCB 900 help mannul. But after that, FM cannot perform any task(s) on it: Read security bit, device ID, reprogram BootROM ... anthing i can't do.  

   How can i config the FM so that i can reprograme the chip, but not just once? Pls kindly advice.

Maik Staberock

I assume you used the "ISP protection" feature, else you could throw it to the bin.
In case the boot code is still working (flash memory area 1E00-1FFF),
you should be able to connect to the MCU and read out any data FM can handle. If not, you need to check your hardware which enables ISP mode.
The first time you program the LPC932 it is already in ISP mode.
The next time it has to be put to by using a parallel programmer or a hardware like the MCB900, which FM can control via serial port to generate pulses at RESET pin.

All this is described in various manuals. The one of FM and the app note of flash programming the LPC series, available at Philips.

I have built after the MCB900 hardware on a programming and testing board and it works fine with FM.


 I better give you more infor about the project:
1. FM ver 2.04
2. 89LPC932 (Ver G)

  I've used the setting you described:
1. select "protect ISP code" in "Advanced Option" --> "Security"
2. In main window, Flash block 7(0x1C00-0x1FFF) was not select to erase as you said the boot code located in it(1E00-1FFF).  

   The problem seems unsolved, the LPC932 was still not readable after first programming.
    Now i want to ask:
1. What software and hardware setting should i focus on ?
2. I built a reset circuit board for generating pulses to enter ISP mode of the LPC (the cct is refered to the schematic of MCB900 manual). The FM promte "Programming Success" message. Is it feasible to use it for ISP?

3. I've a MCB 900 kit, how can i connect my PCB to the MCB900 for ISP? Pin config and jumper setting ?
    I don't have too many LCP left. Pls advise what to do! MY time is runing out.