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Rui Soares

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LPC933 A/D Converter
« on: October 31, 2005, 04:43:44 am »

I am using the port 0 to read a keypad and also need to use P0.1 as an A/D converter. Need to perform single conversion on this pin port.

I am currently using the EPM900 from keil as the emulator. I have the following code:

                MOV     P0M1,#00011110B
                MOV     P0M2,#00000000B
                MOV     PT0AD,#00000010B
                MOV     ADMODA,#0x030          
                MOV     A,#0x010                
                MOV     ADINS,A                
                MOV     ADMODB,#0x040          
                MOV     ADCON1,#0x05            ; Go to work
I can not get the configuration registers of A/D to accpet the new values.

Can anyone help?
Is there a specific reason?


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Re: LPC933 A/D Converter
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wrong forum, what does this have to do with FlashMagic?