ISP in T89C51Rd2

Started by core, March 01, 2006, 06:40:32 PM

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I have problems for programming Atmel T89C51RD2 in ISP mode with RS232.
I had done all connection which is given in datasheet.

i) I am using Atmel T89C51RD2 microcontroller with 12 Mhz clock frequency.
ii) baud rate is 19200 ( 12*1600) as per baud rate calculations.

I can't able select communication port (ie, RS232) in FLIP S/W, after selection of RS232 and baud rate (19200) that software gave  Flip2 message "Time Out error".

Please send me solution as early as possible.
Thank You.

Andy Ayre

This forum is for Flash Magic, which only supports Philips microcontrollers, sorry.

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i am using a P89C51RD2BN chip. Trying to program using ISP from last week. BUt it didnt work. Tryed manual forced to ISP and using both DTR - reset & RTS -PSEN. But it didnt work. I tryed with 2 RD2 chips and same coudnt programed. Connected the Vpp to +5v as well. using a 20MHz osi. Can you please help me?


Andy Ayre

Your posting doesn't have anything to do with this topic. Please start a new topic. Thanks.
When you post include error messages that you received, settings in Flash Magic, etc. As much information as you have. Saying "it didn't work" doesn't really help.

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