Replacing 89C61X2

Started by vks992, March 05, 2006, 09:23:59 PM

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I am facing a problem while replacing the P89C61X2 with an MCU from other manufacturer . As per data sheet the new MCU has all the features that of this device, expcet one. The new MCU is operating at 3.3V - 3.6V.

When I load the program in the new make MCU. it did not function on my machine.

What are the modifications required doing this replacement.


Andy Ayre

There are lots of variations in 8051s between manuafacturers. About the only thing that stays the same is the instruction set. Compare the datasheets.

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If you want to continue to ask this type of question it would help
to specify your new MCU. There are other forums that could address
this question better.