Programming the 87LPC768

Started by augustulus, August 07, 2006, 10:25:45 PM

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want to Programm the 87LPC768 but dont know how.

Andy Ayre

The prefix of "87" means EPROM I believe, not Flash (which is "89"). It's not supported in Flash Magic so the best way to find out is by reading the datasheet and/or user manual.

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Je Gold

The P87LPC768 is an  EEPROM  (OTP) type as Andrew above has explained.

The programming algorithm and electrical method for programming OTPs (EPROM) style micros is not no generally released by Philips.

Hence you have use a profesional programmer or Universal Programmer.

One such programmer is available from

The recent flash based micro's from Philips  P89Cxxxx and P89LPCxxxx have released information from Philips on how to program them yourself.
(see this web site) and use the flashmagic software.