P89LPC938 reflashing problem

Started by syedmoulana, September 12, 2007, 08:04:24 PM

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I could not reflash P89LPC9408.
I am using flashmagic 3.65.
when I power up the hardware, it does not go to ISP mode and the  user application starts running.
Previously I flashed [b]without[/b] using STAR900.A51 file where boot vector address set to 0x1E and boot status bit is set 1 to force ISP mode.
when send boot command using flash magic it says "Operation failed. BootROM command no echo".
baud rate listing does not include 7200 for boot command sending.
is there any way to erase the the existing application in IC and reflash?


Andy Ayre

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Did you change the boot vector? That would stop it working. Also are you sending three pulses with the correct timing to the reset pin? Have you verified it with a scope? Or are you using another method such as the break condition?

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