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Started by harsha, April 17, 2008, 02:57:34 AM

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I am trying to communicate with my hardware using P89V51RD2 microcontroller. when i send the inputs using matlab, it doesn't waits for the input, instead it starts executing the rest of the code..

the code can be something like this, this is a test code where i am sending inputs from my pc which will be displayed on the LEDs connected to port1:

.org 0h
MOV TMOD, H'20 ; timer 1 in mode 1 8 bit autoreload
MOV TH1, h'fd; 9600 baud rate
MOV SCON, H'50; 8-bit 1 stop bit
clr ri
rpt: jnb ri, rpt
mov a, sbuf
mov p1, a

do i need to consider something else?

Jan Waclawek

As this is not a FlashMagic related issue, you better post it on's Forum for help.

You also are should post a really tried code, presenting your findings and also how they fall short of your expectations.

Jan Waclawek