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Started by centrexindia, July 22, 2008, 12:03:44 AM

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I am using 1st time of Philips 89v51RD2, earlier i used 89c52X2BN, now project demand some xdata variables. so i choose NXP 89V51RD2

I have Elnec Beeprog+ and it is supporting P89V51RD2 device.

to check whether my program is working or not, so i did as below mention:

1. Compiled new project with keil >> selecting 89V51RD2 Micro controller. (Same project for 89c52X2BN, only micro controller is changed >> just want to check whether it is working on my hardware or not.
2. download the bootloader Hex file from NXP web-site >> Version 5.
3. Write the boot loader file in boot block of micro controller
4. write the myproject.hex file in user code block of the micro controller
5. put the micro controller in my hardware.
>> the system is not booting up.

* this is i am just testing to uses; i will use later via isp mode and other features. so i am not worried abut security code as well as other security.

Kindly suggest for start up.

thanks in advance.

S Gupta