ISP Boot Loader For P89C669

Started by Shlomi_Shm, August 18, 2008, 09:34:36 AM

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While I programmed my P89C669 MCU I pushed on the reset button that on my board by mistake, while ISP programmed my chip. As a result, I couldn't use ISP anymore, probably it has been damaged.
Anyway, I understand that I need to recover the ISP boot loader with parallel programmer.
Assuming that I can get parallel programmer, could you tell me please where can I find the ISP source code or Hex file for the programming?


Andy Ayre

I'm not aware that the bootloader hex file is available. You might want to try asking your local NXP FAE. But before doing that, put the device in the parallel programmer and check the value of the boot vector. If it is not set to the factory default then set it back and try using the device again.

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