Execute custom program when programming complete?

Started by stephen1w, August 29, 2008, 07:22:29 PM

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I found FM can "Play wave file when programming complete".
From the menu "Options"-->"Avanced options"-->"Misc".

I would really be nice to see a new function "Execute custom program when programming complete" can be added in next release version.

For example,I want to program different Hex File (content is different,file name is the same) to the LPC2364 chips.The difference between the Hex Files is just some bytes indicate Ethernet MAC Address,because each chip must have unique Ethernet MAC Address.And I write a program called "update_hex.exe",It opens the Hex File,increase the MAC Address automatically,then modify the MAC Address bytes in the Hex File.

Now, my programing steps are :
1.Click Flash Magic "Start" button to progrmming.
2.Wait until programming is finished.
3.Manually execute my "update_hex.exe" program to increase the MAC Address bytes in the Hex File.
4.Do the steps above again to programming another chip.

But sometimes I forgot the 3rd step(execute update_hex.exe),so some chips have the same MAC Address. :'( :'( ??? ???

So I'd like to see FM can add "Execute custom program when programing complete" function.And I can let FM Execute  "update_hex.exe"  automatically.


Andy Ayre

This is precisely what the Just In Time feature of Flash Magic was developed for. Flash Magic comes with a couple of examples for generating serial numbers. Please refer to the examples and the manual for details.

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