Email Addresses Ending in .info

Started by Andy Ayre, June 03, 2009, 09:16:37 AM

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Andy Ayre

Effective immediately it is no longer possible to sign up for an account on this forum with an email address ending in .info.

It seems the .info TLD has become a popular target for spammers. In the entire history of this forum no real user has signed up with a .info address and made any postings. However spammers are doing this continually with many different domain names. It's unfortunate that whoever controls the .info TLD is letting it be used like this.

If you wish to post on this forum and your email address happens to end in .info then we encourage you to sign up using your work email address or something else. Sorry to anyone who has a legitimate .info domain name and wishes to use this forum, we hope you understand.
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