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Started by Mucter, October 13, 2009, 08:51:59 PM

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I made a utility "Flash Eraser"

I hope this help you.


Flash Eraser written by Mucter

How to Use Flash Eraser

1.What is Flash Eraser
In Normal Flash Magic and normal bootloader, if Security bit or Clock bit is once programmed
it cannot be erased using ISP.A parallel programmer is required.

Using Flash Eraser you can erase Security bit and Clock bit without parallel programmer.

1) Target board should has jumper SW setting /EA pin (GND or VCC)
2) Target board should has an External ROM socket.

1) Using a parallel programmer , program an external ROM with corresponding HEX file
    (you should do once only)
2) Attach the external ROM to your target board.
3) Change /EA setting from VCC to GND.
4) Power ON the target board.
5) from terminal software, send "U" charactor.
    (Flash Eraser responses "U*")

6) Power OFF the target board.
7) Change /EA setting from GND to VCC.

Now Your target is in following state.
  block0 : erased.
  block1 : bootloader is installed.
  security bit : unprogramed.
  clock bit    : unprogramed.

Then you can program anything again.