Silent installation for production system

Started by bruce, November 19, 2009, 10:48:50 PM

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We have a number of PCs in our production department, and we would like to deploy the Flash Magic Production System automatically to all of them from our login script.

Could you please provide a method to silently install the software? If you can just provide the .msi installer file as well as the current .exe installer, I could use standard msiexec command line options to achieve this.


Andy Ayre

We don't use MSI installers. I don't believe what you want is possible with the installer we use.

When the Flash Magic Production System is installed it created a single folder in Program Files and a single group of settings in the registry under HKEY_CURRENT_USER. All you would need to do is run a batch file to copy the files, run a .reg file to insert the registry entries, and copy the start menu short cuts.

Alternatively you could create your own installer for in-house use only (i.e. no distribution of Flash Magic ouside of your company).

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Actually, I found a better way. I hope this can help somebody else  ;)

The installer is build with InnoSetup. It has built in "/silent" and "/verysilent" command line switches.

A complete reference is available here: