Bug in ISP bootloader 89LV51RD2 v04 -> Can't run user code

Started by Bonny Gijzen, December 21, 2009, 12:16:25 AM

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Bonny Gijzen

Hi guys,

Recently we received a new batch of 89LV51RD2 which have ISP bootloader v04. (Previously we had 03.)
It seems this bootloader has got a bug with sector erase.
(This is no problem for us because we use block 0 erase.)

However, this bootloader also will not start running usercode.
It does give the "." response but it will stay in bootloader mode as you can see here:


For now only a power off/on will let the device start user code again.

Did anyone find a solution to get the user code running without removing power?
(Another solution is updating the ISP bootloader to v05 but that is not a solution for devices in the field already ...)

Thanks and best wishes,