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Version 4 of the Bootloader


Andy Ayre:
Version 4 of the bootloader in the P89V51Rx2 devices suffers from a couple of issues. To determine the version of your bootloader:

* Choose ISP -> Read Device Signature...
* The bootloader version will be displayed
Block 0 Erase

Version 4 of the bootloader has an issue with erasing block zero. The solution is to upgrade the bootloader.

Upgrading the Bootloader

Version 4 of the bootloader should be upgraded to version 5 first; see link (1). Follow the instructions. If it doesn't work then try a terminal program such as Hyperterminal to manually update the bootloader.

Once version 5 is installed it can be upgraded to version 7 using the functionality built into Flash Magic; see link (2).

Version 5 solves the block zero erase issue. Version 7 adds the option to use a pin to start the bootloader.



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