RS-232 Signals Required for Programming LPC1768

Started by bitbanger, April 19, 2011, 05:44:37 PM

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Have a NGX BlueBoard 1768-H and I am looking to program the LPC1768 using FlashMagic.  Trying to determine what UART signals I need to provide from my PC.  I'm assuming at least TX and RX but are there any others?  I notice my board has a connector that provides a signal to put the 1768 into ISP mode-does FlashMagic use one of the RS-232 lines to drive this signal?  Is the TX on the 1768 an input or an output?   (I understand I need to do level conversion on the RS-232 signals)


Andy Ayre

Flash Magic can optionally use DTR and RTS to control reset and the ISP entry pin to place the device into programming mode. However this is optional and often the same result can be achieved by pressing buttons on the board. You need to look at the schematic diagram. If you didn't get one ask the manufacturer for one.

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