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Started by phonoplug, September 15, 2011, 03:17:37 PM

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I seem to have had this problem for ages bt now its really got to me. I'm trying to program a P89V51RD2 in circuit and Flash magic just hangs, well sort of. It just sits there 'Attempting to connect'. If I click 'cancel' it just sits there 'Cancelling. Please wait'. Only way out is to close the program.

I have been opening FM by double clicking on a settings file I have created many years ago for that chip. I will attach it if I can. I get exactly the same behaviour if no board is connected. Ok, so that may be a clue in itself, but what I'm really asking, is why does FM not timeout or something? Why does it get stuck in the 'Cancelling. Please wait' mode?

I was using version 5.36. Just changed to version 5.90 but behaviour is exactly the same.

Is it because I'm opening via a settings file that is now incompatable with the latest version of Flash Magic?

Rather frustratedly...



Ok well here's something I just found out.

I rebooted this (same) PC into XP and ran FM from the same settings file, and the boards programmed fine.

Is there some known issues with Win7 and Flash Magic??

Andy Ayre

No, there isn't. But perhaps on Windows 7 the COM port timeouts might be handled differently. We will investigate.

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