LPC9xx programmer

Started by mlevinspuhl, January 15, 2012, 03:30:57 PM

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I have a project alternative to replace lpc900 programmer with usb-serial cable.

It will just use a bluetooth module @ 3.3v, 74htc00, transistor bc 857 to switch power ISP 3V3, some resistors and the Flashmagic software.

The bluetooth module will be paired as SPP and the COM associated must set into Flashmagic.

the Bluetooth module needs to be set as modem profile and 9600 baud rate.

Just do it!

Advantage you will have hardware with ISP via bluetooth and your microcontroller can talk via bluetooth too

If someone have interest, I am a Java and Android developer and the hardware nxp with bluetooth module can talk with my application bluetooth for android

Best regards