Is NXP 8051 Series Discontinued

Started by alg460, February 15, 2012, 04:52:49 AM

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Seem the entire line has disappeared from the NXP website and Digikey reports the 89v51 series as obsolete. I've got about 15 boards designed around these.


Andy Ayre

Nope, the NXP website shows all 89LV51s and the 89V51RD2 in production, along with the 89CV51 (which is the newest version). There are also plenty of other 8051s in production also.

You should monitor the End-of-Life notifications as they give you at least a six-month warning to buy the stock you need:

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Thanks for pointing me to that page. I don't know what I'm doing wrong on their website, but if I follow the navigation of products - microcontrollers - 8/16 bit legacy - flash I come up with nothing. Likewise if I do a search for "89v51" I get the following result:

Search results for '89V51'
2 total results, page 1 of 1
Title   Description   Content type
P89V/LV51RD2 Boot Loader update V5   P89V/LV51RD2 Boot Loader update V5   Application note
TN00001   Migrating from the P89V51Rx2 to P89CV51Rx2

Maybe there is a problem with my browser but I was informed by my supplier (digikey) via email notification that the 89v51rXX is obsolete: This link states limited quantity available, not reccomended for new design:,112/568-3229-5-ND/1023713

Andy Ayre -> Families heading -> 80C51 -> All 80C51 Products

You will have to ask your local NXP sales office for more information about what devices are in production, End-of-Life notifications, supplier availability, etc.
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Thanks again for the info. I still don't know what to make of all this. On the Digikey site if I look up anything at all in the 89c, 89cv, 89lv, or 89v series in any package (DIP,PLCC etc) it states either "obsolete" or   "Limited quantity available, not recommended for new design."

I have not looked up the LPC's


Doc Random

Microchip Tehcnology Inc. had acquired some 8051 products with the acquisition of Silicon Storage Technology (SST) in 2010.

They include RB, RC, and RD devices, that are compatible with some of the EOL NXP parts including 89V and 89LV.  They are hardware compatible, but not bootloader compatible.

See cross reference here:


There are others in the family that are not 100% compatible also on this page under the family tabs, but may be close enough for your needs.

Regards, Doc Random