89V51RD2FN with USB

Started by embsysdev, July 13, 2012, 07:40:14 AM

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Hi ,

I have a USB to Serial adapter which I had used with FM many times.Now I find a strange problem that for many ICs, while programming FM hangs up and the chip becomes unusable.
If I use the serial port then there is absolutely no problem.
Is it possible for the boot loader to get corrupted thus ? Is there a way to reload a new boot loader using the serial port or the only option is using a parallel programmer.


Andy Ayre

When you say the chip becomes unusable does that mean you can't communicate with it even if you switch to a built-in serial port?

The worst that can happen when using a USB to serial cable is that the timing of the data is affected so the device and Flash Magic misunderstand each other. A good quality cable does not affect the communications at all.

If the bootloader was corrupted somehow then you would need a parallel programmer. But first you have to determine if it is just a problem getting the device back into programming mode rather than a corrupted bootloader.

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